Laboratory of Environmental Engineering

Determination of water solubility

Determination of water content

Determination of water acidity

Determination of magnesium cation in water

Determination of water content in oil products (Din-Stark)

Alkylation process. O-xylene alkalinity of styrene

The production of adipine acid

Determination of active acid evaporation

Determination of sulfuric acid and sulfur anhydride

Pyrolysis of hydrocarbons

Kinetic of deposition of particles in wastewater

Determination of the effectiveness of the flotation process for the purification of wastewater

Determination of phenol- Photoelectrocorimeter

Determination of formaldehyde by spectrophotometric analysis

Laboratory of oil refining technology and oil processing

1.Technical analysis of coal, determination of moisture,and  ash content

2.Coking proses of cool

3.Acquisition of briquettes

4.Alkylation of olefins with isobutylene

5.Determination of oil products density

6.Determination of asphalt and resin subtances

7.Determination of ignition and combustion temperature

8.Determination of viscosity of oil products

9.Determination of aniline point

10.Determination of water content by the method of Dean and Stark

11.Catalytic cracking process

12.The pyrolysis process

13.Determination of drop temperature the Ubbelode method

14.Determination of softening point “ring and ball” method

15.Cooking process of oil shales

16.Delayed coking process


Processes and apparatus of chemical industry and laboratory of chemical cybernetics


1. Determination of the characteristics of the centrifugal pump.

Device - Kama-2 centrifugal pump.

2. Determination of the separation factor in the centrifugation process.

Device - Centrifugation

3. Determination of friction coefficient during fluid flow by tube.

The device is a tube

4. Determination of the temperature dependence of solubility of petroleum products.

Device - Viscometer.

5. The rate of deposition of solids in liquid medium.

Device - Glass tube.

6. Extraction in the liquid-liquid system

Device - Extraction Device, Refractometer.

7. Temperature dependence of saturated vapor pressure on the curve P = f (t) by Trequbov method

Device - The process is carried out in a round tube.

8. Determination of the distribution coefficient of the substance distributed during the absorption process

Device - absorber

9. Experimental determination of the mass coefficient value in the absorption process

Device - absorber

10. Distillation of non-soluble liquids

Device - distillation unit