Nazilya Salmanova

Position: Associate professor

Academic degree: candidate of chemical sciences


N.I. Salmanova is the author of more than 75 scientific publications, including more than 35 scientific articles published in various international databases in our country and abroad.

Brief biographical information:

She was born in 1964 in Baku. In 1981,  she graduated from secondary school No.201, then entered the Azerbaijan State University named by S.M.Kirov. In 1988, she entered the full-time postgraduate study of the chemical department of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences and in   1988 defended PhD thesis in chemical sciences. Since 2000, she has been working at the ASOIU..

Research area:

Study of the catalytic oxidation processes of hydrocarbons by molecular oxigen and hydrogen peroxide in the presence of carbon nanotubes. 

Education and degree:

candidate of chemical sciences (1995), associate professor (since 2010).            

 Labor activity:

Azerbaijan State University (1983-1988, laboratory assistant)

Institute of Chlorine-Organic Synthesis of Azerbaijan Academy of Scienses (Institute of Polimer Materials) (1993-1995,  engineer)

Institute of Petrochemical Processes of AzerbaijanAcademy of Scienses ( 1995-2000, scientist)

Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry  (associate professor)

Patent : 

Metiletilketonun  alınması  üçün  katalizator. Patent   ИИ 20090089,  İxtiralar,  faydalı  modellər,  sənaye  nümunələri 27. 09. 2008

Selected works:

  1. Zeynalov Е.B., Allen N.S., Salmanova N.I. Radical scavenging efficiency of different fullerenes C60 - C70 and fullerene soot. Polymer Degradation and Stability 94(8), 1183 - 1189(2009)
  2. Magerramova M.Ya., Salmanova N.I., Zeynalov E.B. Derivatives of buckminsterfullerene as efficient inhibitors in a model hydrocarbon oxidation environment. International Journal of Innovative Science, Engineering & Technology 2(11), 885-897(2015)
  3.  Salmanova N.I., Magerramova M.Ya., Agahuseynova M.M., Zeynalov E.B. Thermal analysis of polyethylene composites containing fullerenes and carbon nanotubes. International Research Journal of Emerging Trends in Multidisciplinary 1(10),    220-225( 2015)
  4. Zeynalov E.B., Magerramova M.Ya., Salmanova N.I. Radical scavenging properties of piperidine derivatives of fullerene C60/C70 and multi-walled carbon nanotubes. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals 640(1): 152-157(2016)
  5. Зейналов Э.Б., Ищенко Н.Я., Магеррамова М.Я., Салманова Н.И., Абдуллаев М.М. Жидкофазное аэробное окисление декалина в присутствии  металлсодержащих многослойных углеродных нанотрубок Нефтегазовые Технологии 2, 73-76(2016)
  6. Zeynalov E.B., Wagner M., Friedrich J., Magerramova M.Ya., Salmanova N.I. Antioxidant traits of some carbon moieties integrated in polymer materials (A review) Chemistry & Chemical Technology 10(4s), 581-586(2016)
  7. Zeynalov E.B., Wagner M., Friedrich J., Magerramova M.Ya., Salmanova N.I, Gundula Hidde G., Meyer-Plath A. The peculiar behavior of functionalized carbon nanotubes in hydrocarbons and polymeric oxidation environments.   Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology 31(9): 988-1006(2017)
  8. Eldar Zeynalov, Joerg Friedrich, Nazilya Salmanova, Ayten Baghiyeva Oxidation of hydrocarbons by hydrogen peroxide, actual lines and key points.. Saabrücken: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2016 – 53pp.
  9. Salmanova N.I. A behaviour of carbon nanotubes in oxidizing mediums (Review).  Chemical Problems 4, 370-377 (2017)
  10.  Zeynalov E.B., Allen N.S. Salmanova N.I., Vishnyakov V.M. Carbon nanotubes catalysis in liquid-phase aerobic oxidation of hydrocarbons: Influence of nanotube impurities.  Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 127(4), 245-251(2019)