Master education

In the 2019/2020 academic year, courses for Logistics, Informatics and Foreign Language (English and Russian) will be organized for the first round of admission exams for undergraduate students who wish to enter ADSU MSc.

Second level of education: Master's degree


There is a great need for master's degree training to attract qualified and educated young people to the learning process. From this point of view, our students are currently studying for a Masters degree in various specialties. 201 undergraduate students of the Faculty of Chemical Technology are studying. At present, the first year of the master's degree in the Faculty of Chemical Technology is a total of 124 students in all specialties and departments, and 77 students in the second year.


Masters training is conducted in 7 specialties.

Masters training:

Technology of petrochemical synthesis ”
Chemical technology of polymers ”
Technology of processing of polymeric and composite materials ”
“Production technology of inorganic substances”
“Solid Waste Processing Technology”
Chemical engineering
ecological engeenering