Interview of ADNSU Rector, Professor Mustafa Babanli with TellMann talk show - video


Professor Mustafa Babanli, Rector of Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry, gave an exclusive interview to TellMann talk show. In the interview, Mustafa Babanli shared interesting memories about his parents and his student years in Kiev: "At that time all Azerbaijani students studying abroad were called" Heydar Aliyev's children "and expecting great results from them." The rector of ADNSU shared his achievements in recent years. At the same time, ADNSU has played an active role in the training of young scientists, in the development of new teaching methods, in cooperation with major world universities, in start-ups and other projects implemented within the university. Mustafa Babanli spoke about how to eliminate corruption at ADNSU and emphasized the special support of the country's leadership and cooperation with the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Professor Mustafa Babanli answered the traditional question "If you meet with the President of Azerbaijan ... What do you want to talk to the President?" According to him, there is a moment in the world when science decides everything. Today both economy and life are based on knowledge. No skills ... There is no future without knowledge and science. He also emphasized the importance of close ties between the public and students. According to the rector, today science is more advanced than the educational process. Training materials for new staff are already behind. There is a need for an open platform where students can actively participate in research and develop their potential. At the end of the interview, Professor Mustafa Babanli thanked the creative team of TellMann talk show with a wide audience and wished all the audience to be more engaged and interested in science. The full version of the TellMann talk show is broadcast on YouTube as well as cable and regional channels around the world.